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Monday, July 25, 2011

Here it goes...

I am just going to jump in and start blogging again. I will give you a brief recap.
My bmom and I have had 3 visits.
The 2nd visit happened in my hometown and my parents met my bmom. My bmom thinks it went great my a mom does not... Who knows what was said but the two of them and i think mainly there was a miscommunication... . The last visit was 2 summers ago in 2009. It went well. We had a brief fight but enjoyed each other's company. She helped me with my house while I was at work. We went to eat and visited together many days just sitting around talking and enjoying each others presence.
This past Christmas my birth mom sent a Christmas Card to my parents and they sent one back. PROGRESS! At this point my a mom will ask how she is doing and is aware that we have a relationship. I must say here that my feelings of guilt over having a relationship with my birthmom due to my a mom being uncomfortable are gone. I have decided it was wasted energy and It was OK to love both of my mothers.
She is coming to visit on August 5th. It is quite exciting! We are now in a new house and I think she will really like it. I am hopeful for this visit since I am on my feet now and excited to show her a good time.
I am a little rusty at writing but I can assure you I will keep it up as I need to write about this.
Being a single mom I all to often do not do things for MYSELF. And this is for me And for you.
Hope this post finds you well.