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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birth Family

Just a quick update- as I have posted about before my birthmom was adopted. I found out 4 years ago when I met with her step mother. ( She was adopted by a couple- the lady died and she was then raised by a step mother and the man)....She gave me a box full of info and in that info was adoption papers and my mothers original birth certificate. I posted it on different message boards over the years-but never thought I would actually find her bio family.
well I did.
1 full blooded sister- 2 full blooded brothers and a half sister. Another half sister is deceased.
Her mother died in 2009 and her dad died in 1965.
I contacted an aunt-( mom's bio sister) and told mom in the morning. We all have exchanged phone calls and are planning a family reunion this summer.

To make things more interesting my biological maternal grandmother- well- she was adopted to. 3 generations- stopping with me....