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Monday, April 16, 2007

family size

Hi.... I am thinking about something.... and this is not well thought out so I may come back to edit it.

My birthmom came from a family of 6 kids. My birthdad came from a family of 10 kids.
My two best friends since Juniour high school..... you know the first friends you kind of pick? both come from Large families. One from 12 and one from 10.

Conicidence that I have always enjoyed their families? As crazy and dysfunctional as they are?

I have been fascinated by them to a point that I wanted to be in their families.

I wonder if it is because I knew somewhere in me that I was a part of a large family also? Or was it just that big families are interesting and my feelings are relatively normal of anyone adopted or not?

my head......


aja said...

hey, i just wanted to let you know i'm reading here.

i came from a big family.

marvel has some sensory issues, and we have attributed her anxiety with crowds (um, like our extended family) to these issues, but now i wonder if it's more than that. melaya is so quiet and mellow and they aren't really a loud huge group of people.

food for thought for sure.


I never got to say goodbye said...

Hi Aja- I am re reading my blog how are YOU?