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Friday, January 20, 2012

Birth Cousin development

I found my natural dad when I was 26. I am now 31. We had a DNA test and have met two times. He has two teenage sons who he does not want to know about me for fear of it disrupting their lives. They live in Washington State and I live in Illinois. Not like I would or could just drop in. So anyhow on the second visit he introduced me to his brother my uncle Joe and we have built a strong loving relationship and he is like a father to me.
This past year I found out I possibly had fibromyalgia and all these other health issues. Uncle Joe said- you need to talk to SUE... Sue has fibromyalgia and another illness and you need to know your medical history and SUE has it.
So he called Sue and told her about me and put us in contact. Sue is great and we are soooo much alike. ( not just looks, everything).
She gave me lots of health information and we have started a relationship. She was sworn to secrecy.
Well- today her daughter friended me on facebook( my cousin Jennifer) Sue says that she saw me on Facebook and wondered who I was since I look so much like her( and I do!)... so she told her.
Now whether that story is true or not is beside the point. One more family member to know and love and get to know.
I am elated.... I have been my dad's dirty little secret for 6 years now.... I have played by his rules and not reached out for my family- tho I know who and where they are.... they all live in Nebraska.
But that time is coming to an end. I want my family. I want to know people I am like and who are like me and I can relate to. So far the two family members I have met just click with me.
I want these people in my life.
It is so healing for me to be seen as normal by these people who are like me.
Anyhow- this is a development on my journey and I thought I would let you know.


Rebecca Hawkes said...

Great news! I'm happy for you!
I may have missed something, but I'm curious about Sue's relationship to you. Is she a sister of your father and uncle, or something else?

I never got to say goodbye said...

sue is my dad and uncles youngest sister. There were 10 kids in my dad's family- those kids went on to have lots of kids and those kids are currently having lots of kids. It is a little overwhelming!