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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Advertising agency

This is so disturbing to me.  This is a advertising adoption agency.

This is just a bit of information on their website... that I find appalling.  APPALLING!

Babies should NOT be for sale.  If babies were not for sale ... and adoption is all about the costs incurred then why do the babies of color have a different price?

Caucasian: $25K - $40K Min. Budget of $25K
Biracial: $18K to $25K Min. Budget of $18K
AA: $15K to $20K Min. Budget of $15K    

I urge you to go read this sickening website and see if you can see what is WRONG with adoption.  If you can't see it... read it again... and again.... and again... until you do. 

If you find yourself making excuses or trying to make this okay and make sense and legitimize it... read it again.  Then come back and discuss your feelings with me.  We are here to learn from each other.

AND please ask yourself if the INDUSTRY of ADOPTION is something you want to support... or be a part of.

IF you are an adoptive parent and this angers you and you think it is wrong- Please speak out-


makersdaugther said...

I think that this is crazy. No price should put on the head of someone.

K said...

I think its something a lot of adoptive parents struggle with. The desire to start a family, the need of a family for an orphan. Our family went foster to adopt first for that reason. We have completed an international adoption that cleaned out our savings, and put us into debt. In no way shape or form is the money we spent in anyway connected to our daughter. I never look at here and think about how much money it took to bring her home. Hubs and i were just talking about this yesterday.

I wish there wasn't so much money required for adoptions. We have the love, the means to care for kids. But someone has to pay the many professionals who do their jobs. Pay to help the kids still left at the orphnage too.

I never got to say goodbye said...

K you are missing the point of the post. If it was all about paying the professionals for their time and work, why would different races of children from the same agency cost different amounts?

Large sums of money should never change hands with adoption.

K said...

I didnt clarify that i'm speaking about international adoption. Not private adoption. The different fees for babies races bothered my hubby and I too much to go for a private adoption. (among other issues we have with the process)

An international adoption requires MANY professionals on both sides. It paid for 5 months of foster care (and formula) for my daughter, and care for the children still waiting.

I never got to say goodbye said...

I see. Yes they are different. I would be interested in what you found out from the inside of a private domestic adoption. I know of one PAP who is writing a blog on her experience since it was so alarming to her.

Linda said...

International adoption, and domestic infant adoption is human trafficking, no matter how you want to pretty it up. "The many professionals who do their jobs". Yeah, lol, keep on telling yourself that.

I saw this website posted on Facebook and it sickened me. But it is not the first time I have seen a price list for babies. And, as long as people are willing to purchase children, they can set any price they wish. I know- I was once the brass ring- a healthy white infant from college stock. I have the receipt to prove it.

I never got to say goodbye said...

... also I don't know what stipends foster care families get over seas... but forumla- 5 months...
lets say your adoption cost $30,000- that is $6,000 a month for a child in foster care? that has to be a grand sum of money for those providing foster care.?

K said...

I DO know the foster rates, considering I am a foster parent who has adopted two children with severe special needs from foster care. Adoption was our first choice.

I am truely sorry for the pain in your posts. I hope you find healing and peace.

I will be unsubsribing from this post, it seems like more of a place to vent then an open dialog.

I never got to say goodbye said...

I am not bashing you just asking a question.

I never got to say goodbye said...

For other readers reading this- I do encourage open dialogue. I am very interested all members of the triad feeling welcome here. I am learning right along with the rest of you about international adoption, private domestic adoption, foster adoption and foster care. Does what I find make me upset and appalled? Sure... if it didn't there would be something wrong wouldn't there?

I never got to say goodbye said...


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I never got to say goodbye said...

Hi Cassey - How are you?

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