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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There is a woman who has a blog and she is insane and she is pissing me off so bad right now-

I will write more about this later- but really lady come on.  I hope to God she does not get pregnant- she is doing IVF treatments- and she speaks on her blog about many psychiatric hospital stays so hopefully she will not be able to adopt.  She also refers to the possible unborn child as " this F#$%^*( baby better be worth it... really come on.  SO SO SO SAD!  Oh and to top it off- she has over 8000 likes on her facebook page or something like that and it just makes me SICK.   Children being abandoned in dumpsters is not funny.  She says she loves to rescue animals and wants a rescue baby just the same way.... oh can I even begin to start going into why this line of thinking is SOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just had to vent... I would post a link-but I really hate that she gets so many hits in the first place.

If you want it- message me but she is not funny and she is sick and disturbing.

To update- I emailed her and said what I thought and how offensive it was what she was posting... she said she helps thousands of women with her blog?  She said I really upset her and devastated her.  I am having a hard time believing I was the first person to point out how offensive her blog is and that she was so shocked that I did not appreciate it- and felt the need to let her know how troubling it was.

I truly feel for women who can not get pregnant- I don't know what it is to walk in those shoes- I got pregnant early and unexpected... and I don't pretend that I do.  But I do know what it is like to be an adoptee.... and I do know that just because you can not get pregnant surely does not mean you are cut out to raise an adopted child.  It's not that simple.  


maplesyrupchick said...

You should be able to flag her or something. Crazy people!

Foxxy One said...

Please send it to me - I'd like to know how someone so hateful is "helping" women.